Decorating With Nature – Home Decor Tips

Home Decor Tips

Decorating With Nature – Home Decor tips

In winter, the days become shorter and the light fades. We get indoors with cozy throws, hot drinks, and good friends. Shopping for new goodies to reflect the season can be fun.

Here are some home decor ideas that make use of natural elements, from found feathers to plants to decorate your room.

FeathersFeathers:- Fill small vases with feathers

A single feather inserted into each of a group of small vases which works well as a centerpiece of the dining table or often can use as a home decor item. The most fun and meaningful way to collect feathers for your vases is by looking for them during morning or evening walks. You can also find them at the craft stores as well.

Leaves Fall Leaves or branches: Fill a floor vase with autumn foliage

An oversized vase — this can be cylindrical or a big bud vase. It makes a strong statement when tucked with colorful natural branches & leaves. This look will add interest to an entryway and proves to be a great home decor item. If the leaves have already fallen where you live, collect a few evergreen branches to display instead.

garlandFallen flowers & leaves:- String up a fall garland

Make your own lovely seasonal garland to decorate your dining room for your next party. You can go for some big sized flowers such as Sunflowers with artichokes buds and ornamental grass or you can use whatever materials you have on hand. The finished product can be as long as you like, and will look stunning laid down the center of the dining table or hung around a door frame.

Ornamental grassesOrnamental grasses:- Fill a vase with ornamental grasses

The feathery ferns of an ornamental grass make a beautiful and a long-lasting bouquet in a vessel without water. Cut some from your own yard or pick some up from a local florist. This is one of the easiest & trendy home decor tip.


frameFrame a leaf:-

Old picture frames can be found easily at home. Put them to work in a quick, seasonal display by hanging a cluster of empty frames on the wall and affixing a leaf or two inside each using a double-sided tape. Add to the mix with other small items, such as bird’s nests and bits of moss, for creating a great home decor item.

Seasonal Herbs


Fresh or Seasonal Herbs:- Set the table with herb bundles

Make small bundles of fresh-cut herbs and tie each to a cloth napkin for an easy, elegant and fragrant home decor – table setting.

Wine bottles as vases:- Repurpose themwine-bottle

This is the perfect excuse to hold on to a bottle with a really pretty label. Collect a few of different heights and display them together, either on their own or bundled with twine. The narrow neck of a wine bottle makes it perfect for displaying one or two branches — try olive branches, grapes on the vine or long sprigs of freshly cut rosemary.

Air PlantsFleshy or Air Plants:- Make a centerpiece

If you prefer not to spend loads of time arranging fussy flowers at the table, consider a set-it-and-forget-it arrangement like a succulent or fleshy planter. A long, narrow planter in a beautiful material like copper works well. Use potting medium designed for succulents to ensure proper drainage, and be sure to protect your table with a drip tray.

pineconePinecones:-  Fill up a vintage pail

Once you’ve collected some pine cones then, tumble them into a metal container and tuck it into a blank corner to add textural interest all season long. A metal container will add an interesting texture like any vintage container.


cameraA Camera:- Embrace nature in a photograph

A photo of a favorite spot in nature can make a meaningful, soothing addition to your home. Take your camera along on your next day trip to a beautiful area or out to your own backyard and challenge yourself to take a frame-worthy shot. Taking photos in the early-morning light will usually produce the best results. Take a hundred photos to get just one great shot!

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