Kids Room design ideas – From Where They Don’t Want to Step Out

Kids Room design ideas

Kids Room design ideas

Designing a child’s room can be a tall task. If you are a parent or a parent-to-be, then you must be nodding your head in agreement. The dilemma when designing the kid’s room is matching their perspective with yours in terms of theme, color combination, and furniture.

What should be done in such a case? Here are a few brilliant Kids Room design ideas that you can use to plan & from where they will not want to step out.

Play with colors while keeping it simple!

The one thing kids can instantly relate to is a color. Every child has a favorite color and as a parent you can style their room according to that color, until it’s purely black or some other dull color. Make sure that the interplay of very bright colors stands close, for instance, yellow is done with white or hue of lime green. Using these colors on the blanket, walls, and bed can make the room visually attractive.

Moreover, try and keep the designs simple and sophisticated. You can always redecorate, but you don’t want to do that every month, right? To brighten up the room, one should always opt for the vibrant colors.

Create a dream like sequence!

Every child is a prince or princess for their parents, so why not give them a room that makes them feel, like one? It could either have a star-lit ceiling or just a clear white bed that has been surrounded by cushiony soft toys. Of course, this kind of room is more suited for girls. But, you can similarly design the boy’s room. One can go for a space that has spaceships or your kid’s favorite inventions hanging in the room, like the first plane by Wright Brothers.

A room for the teenage child!

Your kid has matured into a teenager, and we have a plan for that also. Design the room with vibrant colors, but make sure that there is an added level of sophistication and elegance to the decor of the room so that your child doesn’t feel shy about bringing his/her friend home for a sleepover. Bright purple and zingy green is one color combination that is in trend, today. Add a bit of white in the background and to the beds and study tables of your child.

You can make one of the walls corrugated from top to bottom or some other pattern that makes it look life-like. Apart from the shelves for books, you can add a step display shelve where your child could keep his/her favorite fictions.

Add wooden objects and frames!

Ensure that you utilize the space properly. The room should not appear as if stuffed with furniture or accessories, and it should have a plenty of space to move around. Also, adding wooden objects like a table or chair or a shelf can add to the room’s sophistication level, which you are looking for your teenage kid.

Dedicate a complete wall to photo frames so that your kid will always relish the memories he/she has made and look forward to life.

Also, if you are looking for different themes for the child’s room, then a travel theme is the best or if your child likes to read, then a room styled on his/her favorite author will do the trick.

After this, we are sure that designing your kid’s room won’t be a task anymore but an activity that you would love and your child will eventually fall in love with your hard work and imagination that you have used, thus building a healthy relationship between you and your child.

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