Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room

Living Room Design Ideas – “A Complete Makeover

Based on the layout design of your home, your living room can serve numerous purposes. For your family, it may serve as a parlor used for relaxing, reading, and entertainment. For your guests, it serves as a formal sitting area. Regardless of its purpose, a goof living room has a comfortable sectional or a sofa, a coffee table, or a focal point like a fireplace or an entertainment center (maybe even both).

As you begin to remodel your living room, you should think about the purpose of the area. Add an elegant fireplace mantel for a formal feel and a worthy investment; while a built-in TV console would work best in a low-key setting. Once you establish the tone, consider what kind of storage would work best. Built-in cabinets and book shelves are wonderful additions, while a desk table will ensure there is a plenty of space for family gatherings or parties. Finally, be sure to bring a personality to the space by including fun décor such as- rugs, artwork, curtains and lightnings.

 Top 5 Modern and Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas are as follows:

  1. Sofas and Sectionals: For sofas and sectionals you can opt for contemporary styles such as rectangular sofas that come in 3 and 5 pieces, typically. Some of these pieces can work wonderfully well as a stand-alone furniture. They are built in different fabrics with minimalist designs or floral patterns. Some of these modern furniture pieces also echo coastal, mid-century and cottage/country style framework, and can be a great addition to your living room if you prefer a mix of the old and the new.
  1. Fireplaces: For modern fireplaces you can try Masonry fireplace which is constructed from bricks or stones. You can install contemporary fireplaces manufactured from sheet metal fire boxes. For a better option, the electric fireplaces can be installed, they can easily fit in small areas and use log inserts or electric fireboxes.
  1. Coffee Tables and Focal Points: Coffee tables initiate conversations while people sip on a cup of freshly prepared coffee. What’s more, they are impromptu seating for light-weight children. They are highly versatile and created in several different shapes and styles, that they are a beautiful piece of furniture kept in the living room, even when they do not carry anything on them. For a truly beautiful focal point, keep the coffee table in a corner and display a china vase filled with fresh flowers, alternatively use books and china bowls to decorate your table.
  1. Table Lamps: How much thought have you given to the table lamp that you would like to display in your living room? The right lampshade can transform the dull interiors into something exquisite, while the wrong shade can show badly even on the most stunning interiors.
  1. Rocking Chairs: Selecting an antique yet modern Rocking Chair for your living room would add that element of elegance to your space. Opt for a light-weight chair, live-test it to check its sturdiness. An intricately carved wooden rocking chair when placed next to your sofa or sectionals will add a tinge of the yesteryear’s to your contemporary Art Deco.

With these fantastic modern furniture options, you can remodel your living room and add new depth to space.

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