Wooden Decor items have always been a great way to decorate homes in classic style. Give a vintage touch to your corners and living areas with classic wooden decor items from Unicane Singapore. You will love the masterpieces designed by expert furniture designers of Unicane.

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Ellysius wooden cabinet that doesn’t looks like a cabinet. Those who admire furnished beauty must look out for this amazing cabinet at Unicane featuring beautiful design and finish. Bring an embrace to your living area or your room by bringing this Ellysius cabinet. NOTE: Proper and periodic maintenance of...

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Grace Divider

Divide your living room or any specific area of your home in a very adorable way with this grace divider. A piece of decor and a divider, this furniture piece will act as both at a single time. Just put it in and see the difference. NOTE: Proper and...

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Salem Bar Counter

Salem Bar Counter features great fusion of traditional and modern wooden furniture styling. The bar has been divided into four sections. First and second sections is a combination of small almirah with a front door opening and cabinets. The door is done with shelves just like a refrigerator, where...

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