Wicker And Rattan Furniture

Unicane Furniture takes pride in using the best quality wicker and rattan employing rigorous quality control. Have a look at collection of wicker chairs and rattan furniture sets available at Unicane in various shades and colours. Your eyes would love to see our unique furniture styles in rattan and wicker home furnishings.

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Napolean Living

The Napolean living room furniture set not only shows the quality of Unicane, but also the artistic elements of manufacturer’s designs. The design of the armrests are extremely difficult to produce because of its structure that consists of one long manau cane. The Napoleon table includes extra storage space...

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Mundo Living (Sarang)

The Mundo Living room furniture set is a contemporary and elegant collection that uses smooth square clean line. Similar to the Marlow set except its mahogany wood armrests and dimensions. In addition, its sarang buaya material contrasted with the mahogany woods armrests is spectacular. Play with fabric styles and...

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