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Alexes Dining – Wooden Furniture Set

Elegant in its simplicity, the Alexes Dining set fits seamlessly into any dining space. Paired with the comfortable, lightweight Alexes chairs and upholstered bench it makes for a chic, perfectly matched set. The table highlights the wood grain color and fits into any style of decor.  Table, chairs, and bench have bush attached for better stability & sturdy feel.

  • Avoid keeping very hot or very cold materials on the wood directly, always use coasters or mats.
  • Any spillage should be wiped away with a dry cloth immediately.
  • Most of our furniture is made of natural materials, which will have natural differences and the occasional minor blemish.
  • Coat wood with paste wax (be sure to use the same type of polish as interchanging between oil and wax based polish might result in streaking) every three months during the first year of use. After the first year, the application can be less frequent.
  • Use a liquid cleaner wax polish combination. Do not use abrasive household solvents. Use a soft, clean cloth that won’t scratch the surface.
  • To repair scratches, use a wax repair stick.
  • Exposure to variations in temperatures should be avoided and avoid exposing the furniture to unfiltered ultraviolet rays.
  • Avoid subjecting the wood furniture to extreme moisture.
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