Ways to Decorate your home


Change the Way You Decorate your home using Colorstrology  

When it comes to astrology, let’s admit it: who doesn’t love reading about their gaining insight into your future relating to your career, relationships, health, and beyond. So, when we hear about that existed between astrology, design, and color theory, we had to know more.

Using ruling planets, sun signs, and the influence of numbers and other important dates, astrologers can determine which color creates the highest benefit for each.


Hues of caramel can connect you back to the earth and keep you centred and focused. If you are a January baby, try investing in some terra cotta planters and arrange them on your patio or near your windows for the ultimate energy boost.


Sheer lilac color hue can improve friendships and cast a vibe of kindness across you & your visitors and also decorate your home. Using lilac-colored furniture can be the perfect way to receive the benefits of this color while you enjoy tea or a meal among pals.


Aqua hue can increase relaxation and encourage meditation, so it is just the right color to include to decorate your home furniture and design scheme. Choose a bedding set with bursts of aqua, or couch for any lazy Sunday naps in outdoors.


Cayenne is a bright and intense color, so be sure to implement it in a space that definitely requires a burst of vitality. If you have a home gym, try painting one wall this bold color, or add a vibrant table runner to decorate your home kitchen for an extra pick-me-up in the mornings while you eat breakfast.


The color bud green is closely linked to prosperity and success, so if this is your birth color, be sure to incorporate it into your home office or desk space. Try including a green upholstered side chair to maximize this color’s benefits or, if you’re cramped with space, a sleek green laptop cover or mouse pad will do just fine.


Aspen gold can promote successful communication, so think about which room to decorate your home and which receives the most conversational activity. Painting the walls of your dining room a nice golden color could be a good touch, hanging art with bold yellow features or using gold color furniture to decorate your home space can be an another way to get the most of June’s assigned color.


Coral blush color is extremely calming and promotes love and sensitivity, so adding this color into areas of your home that you closely share with a partner is key. An area rug in a gorgeous blush hue placed in either your living room or bedroom is a genius way to infuse this color  to decorate your home space.


Pagodea blue symbolizes vision, wisdom, and travels, so it is the perfect color to feature in a bookcase display or wall collage to promote interest and vision. Try locating blue bookends or decorative coffee table books with bold blue accents or even a hanging picture frame with blue rims for an extra dose of imagination in these spaces.


A happy, bright sun orange is the best way to promote playfulness and fun, so recreational areas in your home are the best place to feature this color. Placing a bold orange umbrella out on your patio will not only liven up your space, but it will definitely encourage lots and lots of outdoor Summer fun.


The distinct baja blue is synonymous with both beauty and attractiveness and is an amazing color to feature right in to decorate your home entryway. Grab a welcome mat in this hue, or hang a framed print duo near the door to gracefully (and charmingly) welcome your guests.


This deep claret red is strongly linked to the libido and nurtures physical connection, so incorporating it into your bedroom space can do wonders for you and your partner. And since this color is quite bold, focus on finding some smaller claret red accents, like a ring tray or small sculpture, to place on top of your nightstand or nearby dresser.


Cerulean is another color heavily linked to relaxation and tranquillity, so it is an ideal choice for your master bathroom. Whether you decide to paint the walls in this shade or find a towel set in a similar hue, you are sure to enjoy the calming benefits.

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