Make Big Differences with Small Changes


Make Big Differences with Small Changes

Everyone wants to tell the world that they have a fabulous home, but you don’t need to have a lot of money for that. Some clever investments and a few of small changes or shuffling (things that you already have at hand) can dramatically turn your space around.

Things Needed To Be Done

Add some lightning

Get in some mood for lighting the apartment. Let your room enjoy plenty of natural light in the day, in the evening you can rely on one single source of lighting that are the beautiful lamps, which can also be helpful in setting up the mood. So I wanted to get in some mood lighting for her apartment.

Add accent furniture

Secondly, apart from the sofa, add some other seating option or accent furniture in your room. Create a section and break the living room into two smaller areas – the seating section and the TV section. Plus, because from the door one walks straight into the living room, make your seating area to be the focal point. Basically, it was about breaking a large room into individual areas.

Decor with warm colors

Thirdly, insert your room decor with warm colors like mustard and touches of magenta because they complement blue and wood tones, and at the same time add a bit of freshness without being too demanding. Take a look out of the window, while sitting on a comfortable accent chair – which will also complement the existing decor structure and make it a need of the hour.

Use indoor plants

Use indoor plants in the window sill, to highlight the decor. I also cheer up the dull corner at the head of her sofa. The room overall needed cheer too.

The Final Touch

Try hanging air plants to cheer the corner even further. Also, add a throw on the sofa or a shawl on the chair for comfort. Add few books, a lamp, a votive in sea green and a bonsai plant in turquoise – all of this in the different corners of the house. Give your home a little home makeover, try small changes and enjoy the new moments. We are so ready for more!

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