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Daydream Cabbana – Outdoor Furniture

Daydream Cabbana, is the amazing bed from Unicane, Singapore. This outdoor furniture is made of woven rattan and the see-through bed is light and airy. On this you can lay down and relax after your heavy day schedule. The daydream cabbana outdoor furniture bed set is featured with great curves that enhance its look and makes it more stylish.

Features of Daydream Cabbana:-

  • Suits all-weather
  • Handwoven rattan
  • No assembly required
  • Featured with great curves
  • All sides are finished the same
  • A roof overhead, to protect you from the sun

Properties of Daydream Cabbana:-

  • Assembly Required: No
  • Seating Capacity: Two Seater
  • Primary Room: Patio
  • With Storage: No
  • Cushion Type: Soft
  • Bed Size: Single

It is covered to provide you shade on sunny days. A roof overhead helps you to protect not only you from the sun but also your outdoor bed’s fabric. However, you can still choose a weather-resistant fabric for your cushions. Also, it is recommended having outdoor covers on hand, in case of extreme weather conditions.

“Turning a house into home comforts”

With its beautifully curved design and romantic feel of a garden set, the Daydream Cabbana daybed adds a touch of warmth and affection to your outdoor space.

Relax in the Daydream Cabbana daybed with a cup of tea, curl up with a good book or enjoy a relaxing dinner while seated in the Daydream Cabbana daybed. For even more comfort, add the quick dry foam seat pads. Choose from an extensive range of colours for your pillow or canopy colours.

We continuously look for feedback to improve the same. So please let us know!

NOTE: Warranty may be voided if proper maintenance and procedures are not followed. Users of our product should be advised of the tips and care mentioned.



  • 228*158*238
  • 215*158*238

Rattan furniture maintenance: –

  • Use a soft bristle brush to remove dust.
  • Exposure to unprotected ultraviolet rays may result in the gradual discoloration of the rattan.
  • Water spills on the surface should be wiped off immediately.
  • Avoid subjecting the rattan to extreme moisture.
  • Indoor heat dries rattan, causing it to crackle and creak under pressure.
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