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New Brunswick Rattan and Wicker Furniture 

Rattan and Wicker Furniture : How to Care for It?

Regular cleaning of rattan and wicker furniture is essential for lasting durability. Though rattan is one of the strongest materials for making furniture, but still it needs a gentle care to make a companion for years. Follow these helpful hints, tips and suggestions to keep your wicker chairs and...

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wicker furniture and rattan furniture 

Difference between Wicker Furniture and Rattan Furniture

Many amongst you looking for a great outdoor/indoor patio furniture, might have come across these two terms several times– Wicker Furniture and Rattan Furniture. The point is – some people consider wicker and rattan as one and same thing, where some believe that these two are almost alike. As...

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Marlow living sarang buaya rattan furniture 

Sarang Buaya Rattan Furniture: Where Simplicity Meets Class

Sarang Buaya is actually a tourist village of Malaysia which is famous for its crocodile sanctuary. But very few people know that this place is also known for its high quality rattan material which is popularly known as Sarang Buaya Rattan worldwide. You might be eager to know what’s...

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