Make Any Room Feel More Inviting

Tips to Make Any Room Feel More Inviting

Make Any Room Feel More Inviting

Add textures and design to your room which feels you immediately drawn to that area — it can be a cozy seating or an interesting collection.

Let’s take a look at different ways to use texture and how we can bring more warmth, depth, and interest to the home and Make Any Room Feel More Inviting:

  1. Bring on the layers: Add interest to neutral bedrooms with piles of quilted coverlets, pillows, and knit throws. The more variety of textures, the better. The layered texture effect not only makes the bed feel all the cozier and inviting. For even more softness, add gauzy curtains and a plush bedside rug or carpeting.
  1. Double down on rugs: Try layering rugs to bump up the texture in a space. For a winning combination, pair a neutral-colored rug that has lots of texture with a patterned one.
  1. Display textural objects as art: Use everyday objects made of interesting textural materials — like interesting seedpods, woven baskets or antique buckets and present them in unexpected ways. For smaller items, like glass bottles or baskets, group them as collections for a bigger impact.
  1. Use patterned wallpaper: Adding patterned wallpaper can be a great way to make space lavish without looking too over-the-top. When choosing patterned wallpaper, keep in mind the effect you’d like to create in the room. Satin finishes have a smooth texture, matte-textured and embossed wallpapers can help create a rich library-like feel.
  1. Bring in nature: Using natural elements as accent pieces in the home set a laid-back mood and can help modern spaces feel more lived-in.
  1. Add a textured backsplash: Modern rooms are often filled with smooth surfaces — a texture that can feel a bit cold and clean. Break up an expanse of smooth textures while still keeping a contemporary look. You can also, add texture to space using a braided rug, displaying glass jars or using a woven basket as a fruit bowl.
  1. Using macramé: Knotted wall hangings may seem like a ’70s throwback, but macramé can bring texture to a bare wall and more warmth to a contemporary room. Modern macramé designs often mix the traditional natural fibers and driftwood with materials like metallic yarns or those made of recycled plastic. Mount a macramé hanging behind the sofa or above the bed to boost textural interest.
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