Design Your Perfect Dining Room

Your Perfect Dining Room

Design Your Perfect Dining Room

A dining room that suits your style and fits your needs can make each day interesting. If you haven’t been using your dining room, it could be that setting it up properly will inspire you to dine there more often. And if sit-down dinners don’t match up with your lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to design your room around another passion so that it will see daily use.

Answering these questions might help you to design your perfect dining room. Let’s get started.

  1. How much flexibility do you need?

Consider how many people you need to seat for dinner every day and how many people visit you occasionally. If you need to adjust to different size crowds frequently, it’s important to look for furniture that can stand up to the task.

Think of dining tables with extension leaves, and benches that can tuck against the wall until needed. Try the Alexes Dining from Unicane, to give an extended look your dining area. You might prefer to go with a smaller table for everyday use, just as the Pacific Dining.

  1. How do you visualize using your dining space?

A formal dining room that gets little use could be reimagined to combine features of a spacious home office or library. On the other hand, maybe you want to entertain more — in that case, try adding a well-stocked bar or a buffet, adjustable lighting and comfy seats. The Ovaltine Bar Furniture would be the perfect thing for you. Don’t just dream of it, shop it and make it a reality.

  1. The level of formality do you desire to have?

This is more about personal style. You can have a dining room used for special dinner parties that still manages to feel relaxed and casual … or a fancy room the whole family uses constantly. You can add HighPoint Dining set for this look.

If you have your heart set on a formal dining room but don’t want to constantly be worried about damage, don’t despair.

  1. Which colors attract you?

Are you drawn to bright, clear colors? Deep, glossy and glamorous ones? Soothing neutrals? Color outshines the styles, so you may find a traditional furniture or a modern furniture or something mixed with bold colors and patterns.

  1. What is your time frame?

Think about what would make the biggest difference to you and tackle that first — I would start with wall color and a great table, but you may feel differently.

Don’t forget to shop your house — the perfect piece for your dining room could be hiding in plain sight.

Other decor and embellishments

And here is where your personal style can shine! Think about a centerpiece for your table. And candles, dishes, curtains, lamps, a bar cart, extra seating and all the little touches that make your dining room an expression of who you are!

Keep surfaces decorated but clean looking! Always start with the basics… a great table, comfy chairs, a rug and overhead lighting. Then add what fits into your dining room.

You can have a perfect dining room that is just YOUR style! It just means tweaking and editing and painting and upcycling what you have!

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