Latest Key Home Trends

Latest Key Home Trends

Latest Key Home Trends- 2016

Some design trends are retro while others fade away quickly. Here are the Latest Key Home Trends that will make your home look bold and trendy, without much effort!

Rattan Furniture Returns

The adage, “Old is Gold” is so true when we speak about the 70s style decor and one material that has bounced with full vigor is Rattan. This retro material is today used avidly in creating contemporary furniture design styles, both for indoors and outdoors. Furniture designers are employing the long-forgotten craft of rattan weaving to create 3-D shapes and hand-bent, classic wicker and rattan furniture.  What’s more interesting is that now you can buy lights and accessories created from this humble material.

So, if you desire to render a timeless appeal to your home, invest in a 70s-inspired rattan furniture, such as, throne-like Avia chair or low suspended and twined Bowen modular seating.  

Wall Power

Feature your whole room instead of a single wall. Yes, the era of decorating all the four walls of your room is back with a vengeance! People are no longer scared of experimenting with their decorating choices. Today, the focus is on decorating all the walls and perhaps the ceiling too in bold and lively designs.    

Popular designs include bold, geometric patterns and nature-inspired prints. For people who prefer refined décor can opt for a subtle metallic paper that renders a gentle shimmer and reflects the light. Red and white stripes look amazing on the walls and the ceiling, a leopard print design on your walls speaks a lot about you, while a gray wallpaper offers a lovely texture and enhances the décor of the room.   

Bling Bathrooms

Bathrooms have received a new lease of life, they are no more flouted. Today, these rooms in the house are receiving booties, such as sleek, high-tech and functional sanitary ware, gold-enameled taps, carpets, custom-made glass doors and marble.      

Maximalist is the new mantra here. You can create a lavish, elegant, and comfortable bathroom that reflects the 1930s or 1940s luxury hotels by installing antique-style taps and basins created from rose aurora marble.    

Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue Oozes Relaxation in Your Surroundings

Rose Quartz is synonymous with gentleness, compassion, and calmness while Serenity Blue describes the fluffy expanse of the blue sky above us. Both bring a feeling of relaxation, even in the stormy seas. However, pairing light blue and pale pink in a room, without making it look like a nursery is a tricky thing.

Pink is often a color people are wary of using on their walls, however, using the right shade will only enhance the beauty of the rooms and add serenity to the senses. Using a dusty pink with an accent to gray-blues on the walls will impart elegance and comfort.

Blue is associated with energy and happiness; however, a wrong tone shade would turn out to be loud or cold. Serenity Blue with its paler tone is just the right way to enhance positivity and beauty in the room.

3D Printing

With the improvement in 3D Printing, i.e., using powder instead of liquid, furniture designers and ceramicists are creating highly decorative living room furniture Singapore that breathes life in your surroundings.


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