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When it comes to our comfort zone, Bedside Tables also termed as End Tables are a must.

Books, glasses, mobiles, eye-drops, various types of body creams, and many other forgotten objects – it always surprises us how many things can be fitted into the drawers of a nightstand or on a small bedside table. Since Unicane’s Blog is all about giving creative ideas for setting the furniture in the best way possible, we decided to dedicate a post to unique bedside tables that can be great storage units and will enhance the overall look of your bedroom.

We believe that you will find these unusual and creative end table solutions useful and we are looking forward to your help in finding more.

Garden Stool

If you are bored of those double-decked side tables, then try out lending a casual flair to your living space or bedroom area with a garden stool. Garden stools come in all shapes, styles, and shades and you can find them in wooden, rattan and wicker at Unicane. A wicker garden stool will go best for both living and bedroom purposes. Garden stools alternatively serve double duty as extra seating in a pinch!

Pull up a chair

Why not use a well-designed or uniquely patterned chair to use it as an end table! This cool alternative creates a relaxed, yet chic feel. Wicker chairs will do the right game for this, and Unicane has a plenty of it. You have to just opt for a chair with a flat (not tilted) seat. For more comfort and even surface, place a tray on top of the seat so you can place drinks, books, flower arrangements, or your daily knickknacks on it.



Yes! Ottomans can serve as a great Side table that can again, like a chair, can be used for sitting purposes whenever required. But wait, here we are not talking about cushioned ottomans. Just put your hands on the ones with flat wicker ottomans. Ottomans provide a hidden storage, hence these are perfect for those who love being organized and do not want to show off their personal belongings. These can be used for keeping the books you love to read before sleeping, medicines, spectacles, or whatever you need to be kept safely.

Panama chair and ottoman

Drawers Setup

If your bedroom is very spacey and you are planning to add something unique beside your bed, then try out setting up two or three or four Cassandra Drawers to make a fascinating side table. This will not only enhance the look of your bedroom, but will also provide some extra space to keep your stuffs in the organized manner.


Unicane holds some of the great designs for End Tables or Side Tables that you would love to stock on! Scroll through our website to have a quick look on the best designs available.

Keep on checking some more interesting and informative articles on furniture at Unicane Furniture Blog.

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