Small Living Room Furniture Ideas

Small Living Room Furniture Ideas

Small Living Room Furniture Ideas

Playing with furniture arrangement can be a decorating dream. If you’ve got a small living room then, you might find yourself confused on how to fit in your furniture to do much living in the room. To assist with that design problem, here are our top living room furniture ideas & furniture arrangements for compact sitting areas, along with some general tips you can use to get the most out of any room shape.

1. Compact Sofa Set:

In a compact space, the best way to provide maximum flexibility of seating is to use compact sofa chairs set. The Legacy Living sofa set from Unicane gives you space to spread out. It also provides a lot of space without taking up and adds some pleasing visual contrast to your room.

2. Armless Sofa Set:

Of course, not every small living area is conveniently wide open on one or two sides. In an especially tight room, an armless sectional can give you truly maximum seating without looking overstuffed. Legion Living, is the modern living furniture that you can preferably select for an almost built-in look. It’s much sleeker than bumping the arms of a traditional sofa up against the walls, which looks much more cramped.

3. Loveseats:

Another option — especially if you don’t have any television in your living room — is to have a loveseat living furniture. The Soulmate Sofa from Unicane is the one for you. The two of you can be lounge cuddling each other or can have a conversation or play a board game with each other.

4. Sofa & plush ottoman:

In a close-packed room it might be best to drop the idea of adding any side chairs opposite to the living furniture and instead add an ottoman to it which could be a more entertaining solution. Victorian Chair is a perfect choice for this look.

On movie night, Victorian Chair is a perfect place to set down the popcorn bowl and put up your feet. During a bigger get-together, pull the ottoman out to the wall and suddenly you’ve got seating for as many close friends as can squeeze on.

5. Sofa set & coffee table:


A slim side table at either end of a sofa can be more than enough room to set down a drink, or you can float a small stool in front that can tuck away when not needed. The Rossi set is the ideal match for the requirement.

6. Open coffee table:

Keep in mind, regardless of the furniture arrangement you choose, that the more space you can leave open for your feet to move in, the more comfortable your space will be. Kupang Dining, an open furniture will make it much easier to access the sofa and stretch out your legs once you’re in, so you won’t feel trapped on what should be a comfy seat.


Plus, the best thing about a small living room is that it requires a few finishing touches can make it feel ultra-luxe in a snap. Treat yourself to a sculptural side table, a glam accessory or simply a few fresh flowers, and the entire space will feel big-budget. Hope these living room furniture ideas would help in redesign your space as you like.

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